80 minute yoga music workout – Embrace The Moment now on Spotify & iTunes

Yoga Music workout - Embrace The Moment
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Now you can get an 80 minute yoga music workout with the album, Embrace The Moment on Spotify or iTunes.

As I start building soundscapes and rhythmic feels for volume two of this yoga music journey, I can finally offer this music on the main digital platforms, with more to come!

It’s an exciting time for music and I hope these sounds enhance your yoga, study time, or even your recreation and chill-out time!

Yoga music workout – 80 minutes – Embrace The Moment on Spotify

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Listen below for a soundscape-assisted 80 minute yoga music workout flow.

Embrace The Moment on iTunes

Click the button below to listen and purchase on the Apple store.

download-on-iTunes-smlIf you enjoy this album please share it or leave me a comment below.

cheers. Herrin 🙂

Music Player 🎧

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  • Single album files to serve as easy one-click yoga playlists.
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  • A guided audio yoga class that moves from meditation, warmups through to sun salutes and deep relaxation.
  • 32 Minutes of royalty free music to use in your video or audio presentations.

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