5 Easy Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain Within 30 Days

If you’re looking for yoga poses to reduce back pain, these 5 Asanas will support and strengthen your back, gently and progressively.

Healing is sometimes not possible, but we can slowly and skillfully condition our muscles and tendons to support our mobility and create the conditions for a better lifestyle.

Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

5 Easy Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain Within 30 Days

Keep in mind that if you have pain, you must be conscious of not causing any damage. When in doubt seek the advice of your doctor or a trained physiotherapist. Where possible a gentler, more supported version of the pose should be practised first.

1. Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose)

This pose can provide immediate relief and is also super relaxing as well as helping circulation, soothing swollen or cramped legs, providing a gentle stretch and relieving lower back tension.

Legs up the wall pose - Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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This is an easy pose to do any time of day and provides relief from pain as well as helping train the body to heal and relax. Explore Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose).

2. Marjaryasana/Bitilasana – Cat/Cow Pose

This pose makes for an excellent warm-up but always comes with a reminder (especially with back pain) to not arch the back too much in either pose. The idea is to push gently into each stage to stretch and gently tone the muscles of the back.

Cat/Cow - Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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This pose is a great way to bring energy to the spine but always remember to play your edge (i.e. not push it too far) especially when you are in pain. Explore Marjaryasana/Bitilasana – Cat/Cow Pose.

3. Balasana (child pose)

Perfect for relaxation and gentle meditation, child pose warms up the spine without undue stress. Use a pillow to support yourself underneath if you find this creates tension.

Child Pose - Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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Teachers often use this relaxing pose in-between Asana’s, but it also serves as a way to gently stretch the spine and surrender in a state of mindfulness to how your body is feeling. Explore more of this pose here.

NOTE: For a more supported version of this pose you can cradle a pillow underneath yourself to minimise any strain on your back.

4. Malasana (sitting squat)

When entered into gently, squatting is not only good for your back, but it also mitigates login hours sitting at a desk or writing blog posts! This pose is relaxing and also helps tone your leg muscles and tendons.

Sitting Squat Pose - Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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It’s advisable to do this pose on an empty stomach as it can put pressure on the belly area. This pose stretches the thighs, hamstrings and lower back with a minimal amount of strain. Explore Malasana (sitting squat).

5. Buddha Konasana (bound angle pose) against the wall.

For back pain, the wall variation of this pose is advised. This allows you to open the hips and chest and lengthen the spine without too much strain or pressure on the lower back.

Bound Angle Pose - Yoga Poses To Reduce Back Pain

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Using a wall to support you means this pose can be held for longer, giving a deep warming stretch to hamstrings, lower back and hips. If you have knee or hip injuries this pose may not be advisable. Explore Buddha Konasana (bound angle pose) against the wall.

Practice these gentle poses consistently, and over the next 30 days, you’re likely to see a decrease in overall back pain.

It’s all about setting up the pattern and making sure it’s enjoyable and does not create any more pain. Once you have the habit, then you can use the power of consistency to bring about the result you are looking for.

Thank you also to Yoga Teacher, Carmen Delgado for her help in suggesting the correct poses for this article.

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