Most of us have the sense that we’re capable of more. That we can go deeper, tap into more of our potential and live in the world in a more compassionate and courageous way.

I believe passionately that music is a powerful tool we can use to do that. And it’s not just the music that matters but how you use it and the quality of your attention.

My sincerest wish is that this music will help you to:

  • Stop, connect and listen
  • Get past the busyness and the get in touch with yourself
  • Find parts of yourself that you might have missed
  • Hone your ears, mind and heart to get more richness out of life

What this music is perfect for:

  • Exercise and motivation
  • Escape and self-reflection
  • Yoga and mindfulness practice
  • Soundtracks for TV and Movie productions

We don’t need to change ‘the world’. We just need to stop and pay attention to our own hearts and minds. Then when we go into the world we become part of the solution.

G'day, I'm Herrin

I use music to help seekers of truth to listen, slow down, take time and get in touch with what’s truly important in life.

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Music can change the world because it can change people.

~ Bono


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Name: Herrin George Larkan
Where I live: Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Hair: Not much, but I’m pretty sure it’s still brown.
Height: Taller than you when you’re sitting down.


  • Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter.
  • Music production and sound engineering.
  • Web technology, publishing and IT.

The Music

  • The latest release, a soundtrack album of 12 songs called KhĂ´ra.
  • An awesome (I had help!) yoga music album called Embrace The Moment.
  • A solo album of personal tunes called Just In Time.
  • Akash Vani – An album of Indian raga style music.


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