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Embrace The Moment

(5 customer reviews)

The work of three master musicians and one engineer in a perfect synergy of sound and emotion. If you are committed to Yoga and/or relaxation this will be an invaluable addition to your music collection.

What you get

  • 80 minutes of pure bliss – This music will instantly inspire you!
  • 6 tracks working in perfect harmony to one end: To take you deep.

Track Listing

  1. Preparing The Way – 1:27
  2. The Higher Mind – 11:30
  3. Fire In The Belly – 20:30
  4. Inner Strength – 10:45
  5. Reflection of Self  – 24:15
  6. The Journey Home – 11:14

Total time: 80 Minutes

‘Inner Strength’ from the album ‘Embrace The Moment’ set to footage of Glacier National Park in the US


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80 Minutes of Divine Yoga Music

Atmospheric instrumental world music designed to
enhance your yoga or mindfulness practice.

New Yoga Music




If for any reason you’re not happy, get in touch within 30 days and I will cheerfully refund your purchase. No questions asked!


  1. Preparing The Way – 1:27
  2. The Higher Mind – 11:30
  3. Fire In The Belly – 20:30
  4. Inner Strength – 10:45
  5. Reflection of Self  – 24:15
  6. The Journey Home – 11:14
Total time: 80 Minutes

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80 minutes of lush, instrumental world music designed to guide you from gentle building warmups through the inner fire of sun salutes and spinal twists, ending with peace inducing savasana and finally, meditation.

Any serious Yoga Practitioner, Massage Therapist or mindfulness practitioner will find this album an invaluable addition to their music collection.


  • Jai Larkan – Keyboards, Piano, Programming (gentle beats)
  • Krisna Lane – Flute
  • Herrin – Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboards and Programming.

About the artist

Herrin close-up guitar circle 150x150

I live in Maleny, a little hinterland town on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, Australia. I’ve been a recording engineer, music producer and musician for over 15 years, specialising in producing devotional artists such as Sacred Earth.

I created this music to be the perfect support for your Asana practice. I know this music is going to put fresh new energy into your yoga.


5/5 (1 Review)

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5 reviews for Embrace The Moment

  1. soc26612015

    I just want to say how thrilled I am to have found this music to enhance my meditation and yoga practice. I met this musician on Twitter and he was kind enough the offer me a sample of his work. I have been listen to his music and I have to say that I have enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you for reaching out, I look forward to downloading more of your work. I am very grateful that our paths crossed. I am going to add I link to your site in my blog.

    Thanks again!

    • herrin

      Thanks very much for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  2. Kreso

    Dear Herrin,
    There should be new category of music for this album as it doesn’t fit in nothing known to man. (at least for me and many of my friends :))
    something like: “Soul Retrieval Music” will be closer to it !
    This album is not just music it is trully a portal to another dimension! It is multidimensional healing tool to heighten the human consciousness onto higher vibration!
    I found this album 4 years ago, and ever since I can’t find nothing even close to it… there are some similar and nice music , but nothing so cosmicly deep and profound like this!
    This music changed me so deeply, it is like the GOD itself made it, and it perfectly resonates with my Soul <3
    My favorite song is "Fire in the Belly" , also when I first time heard it on entheogens (magic mushrooms) I was blown away, the song FIRE IN THE BELLY was showing me my hole life from the childhood in such a beautiful and gentle way, it showed me clearly that everything happened for some higher reason…
    In the time I found this album, I was broke and without money, so I downloaded it from torrents.
    I felt that when I will have money I must buy it to support creators and to make the Fair and necessary energy exchange for such EXQUISITE Music… so I bought this beauty year and half ago, later also bought KHORA album from Herrin… and honestly can't wait for another album to come out 🙂
    Many of my friends which are working with energy to help people, are using this album whenever they feel disconnected from the source… as it immediately reminds you of who we are and where do we came from…

    Much Love and Blessings

    • herrin

      Thanks so much for your beautiful honest message. I’m thrilled that the music has touched you in this way. it’s totally fine that you downloaded it free first and that’s something that comes with the territory if you create music. I hope to release some new music soon and sorry it has taken so long, my life is very busy these days with kids and stuff, but it means a lot that you ask to hear more and it does inspire me to get my shit together.

      Best wishes and may the music connect us all. 🙂

  3. Leanda Michelle

    Herrin, I rediscovered one of these tracks recently on my iPhone and used it in my morning yoga routine. I remember wanting to purchase it when I first downloaded the free sample. Thankfully I was brought back to it. Love the album… it adds a beaut flow to my morning routine. I look forward to hearing more of your gifted creations. Blessings, Leanda

    • herrin

      Hello, Leanda. I want to release some new material soon that’s for sure it’s been over a year since the album Khora and working on some soundtrack music inspired by Iceland at the moment. Hey, thanks for dropping by and sharing!

  4. Carmen

    I downloaded ‘Embrace the Moment’ as soon as I first heard it. I used it on my yoga class the next day. As a teacher, it was so motivating and inspired me to create flowing postures that blended with the music. It felt so honest and open. So beautiful. Thank you!

    • herrin

      Carmen, thank you for the beautiful comment. It’s super gratifying to hear of the music being used for what it was meant for. To inspire yoga both in the physical and the mental practice. Bravo! ??

  5. deepa swamy

    The album is beyond perfect. I’m completely addicted to it. It takes me to an angelic world full of happiness..away from the discord. Can pls tell me if I buy this album, will i be able to use it for my YouTube videos ..? Pls say yes 🙂

    • herrin

      Hello Deepa, thanks for your kind words. I do have a youtube license that I can offer you will email you privately. regards ~ Herrin ??

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