Iceland Soundtrack – ‘Stormfront’ Iceland in 4K Ultra HD

This 17 minute Iceland soundtrack was inspired by the images and footage from Iceland taken by Milosh over at Amazing Places on Our Planet’s YouTube channel. I’ve never been there but the landscape is so beautiful and stark that I know I have to visit one day. This would allow me to create a whole new set of Iceland soundtracks based on my actual experience instead of just being exposed to the images.

Thanks to Milosh for his patience and for creating such a professional channel and for asking me to help with the music.

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12 thoughts on “Iceland Soundtrack – ‘Stormfront’ Iceland in 4K Ultra HD”

  1. Amazing! How can a small island have so much hugeness? Man is so tiny in these vast spaces. The music is a perfect enhancement of the film. Beautiful.

    1. There’s something so beautiful about the sparse nature of the landscape. Rugged and cold too I’m sure. Glad you enjoyed the video Peter thanks for your comment! 🙏🏻

  2. Beautiful music Herrin, I listen to a Spa music channel while in my Infrared Sauna or meditating. I love your music, it’s perfect for these 2 activities, but also just to listen to. I find it very calming. Thanks.

    1. That’s great feeedback Laurie thank you. With the instrumentals I really strive to find that balance of atmospheric/relaxing and still holding its own when just listened to in a quiet room. Soundtracks for your life in a way.

  3. Dear Mr. Herrin, I am very interested in your background music for Iceland movies. Already I have downloaded “Soundtrack – ‘Stormfront’ Iceland”.
    Last August we visited Iceland for ten days. There we have made a lot of pictures for collection in a private movie. Please inform me how I can download more beautiful soundtracks of you from Iceland (approx. 60 minutes). Thank you very much. With the best greetings from Wolfgang Pfeifer.

  4. I saw the iceland video and fell in love with the “Stormfront” soundtrack? Where can I find it? How do I get it? Very inspiring track.

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