Northern Lights Yukon Canada – Aurora Polaris – Time Lapse Photography

The northern lights appear generally on the north and south pole regions of our beautiful blue planet and are the result of the earth’s magnetic field interacting with solar winds and flares. You are in essence witnessing the shield that protects us from the harshest types of cosmic rays and other radiation from space.

This footage was taken in Yukon, Canada and shows the gorgeous patterns and wave-like motion of this awesome astronomical phenomenon.



  • Photography: Gail Alcock
  • Music: Herrin

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6 thoughts on “Northern Lights Yukon Canada – Aurora Polaris – Time Lapse Photography”

    1. Thank you Tom I was determined to put something that suited the images and footage – it turned out very synth and other-worldly. Very different to much of my other music but sometimes one has to venture into the unknown. All the best…

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