Blueshift – Electric Guitar Instrumental

Am soon to release a guitar instrumental ep or short album and this is the first tune. It’s a preliminary mix but I am sufficiently happy with the melodic story and the balance of elements.


  • Electric Guitar – Blue G&L (number 1)
  • Bass
  • Strings and Keyboards
  • Drums

Composed and performed by myself.

If you enjoy the track or have any questions please leave a comment! 🙂

From the upcoming album, Redshift Blueshift.

Redshift Blueshift album cover

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4 thoughts on “Blueshift – Electric Guitar Instrumental”

  1. Love it Herrin. Beautiful melody

    (These words came to me as I listened to this beautiful music – thank you)

    Its all in the timin (timing)
    Each raindrop falls in its own place

    Its all in the timin
    Each heart beats at its own pace

    Just let it go and always know
    It’s all in the timin

    For all of infinity
    It will always be

    All in the timin

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