What makes great ambient meditation & relaxation music?

Relaxation music is like a soundtrack for your change of state. It is meant to assist you in transitioning into a slower more empowered place within yourself.

So here are 5 things that we feel must be present for music to be effective at both relaxing and guiding us into better states of being.*

1. Story

This is where you want to be..

A sense of journey and melodic theme makes for a sense of discovery and progression. When people listen to this type of music they want a change of state. The music must take the listener into a new world that is both familiar and varied in its texture and arrangement.

2. Space

It is the space between the notes that makes room for imagination, introspection and even sleep. They do however need to be placed with some..

3. Intention

The musician must be aware of and sensitive to the overall context of the piece and how their performance fits with its theme and purpose. All without overly intellectualizing it!

4. Subtlety and Texture

With music that is minimalist in its form it is important not to be either empty melodically, or too repetitive. It must have layers and be mixed in such a way that leaves some things undiscovered within the sound, at least on the first listen anyway! To do this it is helpful…

5.  Being able to play a real instrument (or two if possible).

Having a computer a musician does not make. The digital age has made computer music available to everyone, but nothing can replace a real affinity with rhythm and melody and space and with ones instrument, whether it is guitar, keyboards/piano or anything else really.


Listen to our relaxation music here.

*We would love to hear your own thoughts on what makes great relaxation music. Please let us know in the comments below. ?

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