Royalty free music – soundtracks for your next video

Looking for royalty free music for your new product, personal video or presentation?

We’re guessing that you want some tunes that suite your project that don’t sound like a plastic jukebox. If so then read on…

This album download comes with a license that allows you to use any of the 16 songs on this compilation free of any royalties or payments at all.

AND if for some reason you don’t hear a song that is right for you, we can work out a license for another song we have available.

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Track Listing

  1. Fire – Didge Section – 1:10
  2. Fire – Piano section – 4:31
  3. Arc of Rain – 1:48
  4. Mill on the Floss – 3:30
  5. El Centro – 5:04
  6. Portico – 2:51
  7. Stoned Midget – 2:49
  8. Scene 31 – 3:04
  9. Yaman Ambient Mix – 7:23
  10. Dark Angel – 3:16
  11. Indian Dream – 5:26
  12. Piano Peace – 2:16
  13. Breathing Wave Dance – 1:25
  14. Underseaone – 5:24
  15. Dark Australiana – 2:38
  16. Drifting – 4:30

16 songs, 56:57 total time

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  1. Hello, I’ve just watch the film the big stretch and I loved I think what was a piece of music called Raga Bhaurav from Akash Vani wriitten and performed by Mirage, it lead me here to this site but I can’t seem to find it ? can you help.

    Thanks Lynda

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