Lunar Khandro Album Review – Relaxation Music

What do you do when you have had a hard day full of stress and pressures?

I settle down into my big comfortable armchair letting waves of tranquility roll over my soul, washing away a hard day from my tired body and tired mind as I listen to a very special, hauntingly beautiful album –  Lunar Khandro.

Lunar Khandro

If ever there was music to go with the eternal dance of the infinite cosmos or just to have in the background as you picnic at the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, this is it. The three tracks “Dark”, “Still”, and “Adrift” carry your being up and out, somewhere away from the everyday worries, inviting us to slowly dance amongst its infinite beauty even if for a little while.

Simone Townsend’s bewitching vocals ease into you, transporting you to another place, another time, effortlessly weaving within the relaxing, brilliant  music of Jai Larkan.

Misty MorningLunar Khandro is a good album to finish the day on, allowing yourself the space to unwind and let go of the tension you have accumulated, recharging yourself for the next day ahead.

Find yourself a comfortable place, close your eyes and let yourself drift away from the worries of the world for a time with this masterpiece of serenity and etheric beauty.

The striking artwork was created by the artists in a piccaso-ish burst of inspiration, letting this album stand out from most both visually as well as musically.

If all the people of the world would listen to this album just once a day, the world would be a much more peaceful and better place to live in.

Lunar Khandro is not an album that can be summed up within a few words, it is an album that one must be immersed into to understand the full experience it offers.



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