Just In Time – Herrin

Emotive Acoustic Rock Pop – Clean heartfelt vocals, smooth rock/jazz production and some help from some very accomplished musicians. 13 songs from Herrin.

Herrin (not a bird)

An interview with Herrin

What inspired you to make this album?

I had been writing for many years and was still unsure that I had enough solid tracks for an album I would be happy with. Then one day I sat down and wrote ‘Just in Time’ and ‘Gods Cafe’ together. I had an instant feeling that these 2 songs would bring it all together. Soon after I also wrote ‘Dying of You’ and ‘Another Way’ so with the others that were a few years old I felt confident to start recording the album.

Why did you call it Just in Time?

Well I felt like this was my chance to capture the feelings of these songs and that the door wouldn’t be open forever. My life would change and the moment would pass and perhaps they would lose their potency. It turned out to be the theme of the album. That we don’t have forever and the moment has to be seized. Life is for taking risks and when we don’t we slowly perish.

People ask about the track ‘Dying of You’. Do you really hate that person in the relationship so much?

Its not about a relationship! Or not at least the type of one you’re thinking of. Its about the self sabotaging that goes on inside ourselves sometimes. There always (for me anyway) seems to be a part of us thats happy to see us fail and lose out on something. Im dying of you in that its taking away something very precious. Making me feel bad about myself so that I can wallow and feel justified in being lazy or not caring. Sad but this is how I dealt with it. Write a song!

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