Transcendental Sci-Fi Soundtrack Music For Yoga, Exercise or Study

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This album is for those that want to really go ‘out there’. If you want to travel to the stars this one is for you.

What you get

  • 38 minutes of sciencey goodness in audio form.
  • Music perfect for exercise, mindfulness, study or yoga.

Track Listing

  1. Bennu’s Path – 6:37
  2. Redshift – 5:00
  3. Halo – 9:34
  4. Larissa’s Moon – 4:19
  5. Sojourn – 8:09
  6. Helios 5 – 3:56

Total Time – 37:32


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If you love travelling to the stars. If you always wanted to be an astronaut as a kid but then gave up on that dream, reclaim your childhood fantasies now. Take a trip into the heavens, where asteroids dare to tread. An album for those of us that love science fiction.

Science Fiction Soundtrack Instrumental Music – Bennu’s Path

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