There are various licenses available that suit your needs. What are the differences and why would you want to obtain a license for this music?

First, let’s break down the 4 different levels and who each one is for:

  1. Private – If you use music in a simple private setting this is the one for you.
  2. Public – If you are a teacher and use music in a public setting this is the license you need.
  3. Streaming – If you are a publisher that needs music for your YouTube channel or Podcast this is what you need.
  4. Commercial – If you’re creating a movie or a publicly commercial venture that needs music choose this option.

Which LIcense Do You Need?


Enjoy the music flying solo.
  • Single Users
  • Private Practice Only
  • Unlimited Use
  • Valid Worldwide
  • One Payment


Use the music in any public space.
  • Teachers
  • Any Public Space
  • 10 Year Limit
  • Valid worldwide
  • Royalty Free*


Use music on any streaming platform
  • Publishers
  • Streaming & Public Use
  • YouTube,Podcasting
  • Valid worldwide
  • Royalty Free


Use the music for any purpose
  • Media Creators
  • Publish on any platform
  • Movies, Video Games
  • Valid worldwide
  • Royalty Free

*Requires you to use only this music. If you use other music you still need to register with a PRO. See your local guide on public performance royalties for more.

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