Khôra is a collection of 11 songs over 51 minutes designed to transport you to other worlds. Soundtracks and atmospheric journeys created with a passion for space, melody and the tradition of music as a way to escape and explore.




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Inspired by the likes of Vangelis and Kitaro, the music on this album is designed to take the listener on a sonic journey into worlds as yet unexplored.

The name Khôra is Greek which means space, being is the primary inspiration for this album.


Khôra was the territory of the polis outside the city proper. The term has been used in philosophy by Plato to designate a receptacle, a space, or an interval in the Timaeus.

Track Listing

  1. Yellow River Storm 4:37
  2. Buddha Rain 4:33
  3. Indian Dream 5:26
  4. Lullaby Of Tears 5:22
  5. Stratospheric 4:21
  6. The Lost City 6:05
  7. Owl Forest 4:19
  8. Arc Of Rain 1:45
  9. Night Jar 4:11
  10. Breathing Waves 5:27
  11. Twilight Moonrise 4:22

Total Time: 51 min

All songs composed, mixed and mastered by Herrin. Copyright © All rights reserved.

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