Music created having loved the form and the art of Ragas, in their native form and in our not being able to re-create that style we have simply adopted it and made it our own. And with Indian music that is all you can do.



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Inspired by the traditions of Indian raga music this album is an exploration of both folk and traditional blended into a world balance.


  • Herrin – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards and Programming.
  • Isa – Vocals
  • Krisna Lane – Sax and Flutes
  • Jai Larkan – Keyboards, Piano

Track Listing

1. Mantra (0:59)
2. Raga Bhairav (7:51)
3. Raga Ranjavi (6:14)
4. Desert Rain (7:29)
5. Angels of Peace (2:22)
6. Gypsy Song (8:21)
7. Jayambe (4:34)
8. Raga Yaman (7:58)
9. Bageshree (4:58)
10. Yaman (Ambient Mix) (7:23)

Total Time: 59 minutes



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