World Music Video – Indian Raga Inspired Instrumental – ‘The Marketplace’

I am in love with Indian ragas and the timeless, unique colours and the powerful thread of sound that they create. It’s also ancient and somehow taps into a deep part of us that is looking for reunification with our higher, more connected selves.

Here I explore what it might feel like to be in a bustling marketplace with all the smells and sounds that come with it. I use the power of contemporary elements like keyboards and subtle beats to complement the traditional Indian inspired music.

This song is from the album ‘Travelling Light’ and is currently only available as part of The Ultimate Yoga Music Bundle.


  • Tablas and Dholak – traditional Indian percussion
  • Tambura – the thin high drone sound
  • Strings – To thicken out the drone
  • Vibraphone – Electric keyboard with bells
  • Vocals (with heavy autotune) – Inspired by Sheila Chandra (look her up she’s amazing)
  • Beats – Subtle drum patterns to make it gently danceable

‘The Marketplace’ – from the album ‘Travelling Light’

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