Fallout – Chernobyl 25 years later – Photoessay by Robert Knoth – Greenpeace

The fallout from Chernobyl is still creating havoc on the surrounding landscape and consequently on the food and the health of the people living in the Ukraine around the site.

Greenpeace has taken it upon themselves to remind us that this problem has not gone away and with the recent events in Japan it’s obvious that nuclear power must be phased out as we find alternatives to our energy needs.

A team visited the area in 2011 to carry out their own research as the government had stopped testing for radiation in 2009. They found that in one village the levels of Caesium-137 in milk was 2-16 times the safe level for children.

Greenpeace. Stories that need to be told.

We provided the soundtrack for this video. Thanks go to Elaine Hill from Greenpeace HQ in Amsterdam for asking us to be involved.

Photography by Robert Knoth. You can see more of his photos from the project right here.

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