5 Ways to simplify your music collection

Listen to digital musicTechnology is awesome. It does, however, present some challenges, specifically in the case of music it seems like we’re suffering from an overload of options

As Dave Matthews says in the song “Typical Situation“, too many choices.

We want to focus on the important things and music for many people is a wonderful part of our lives. But how to simplify things?

5 Ways to simplify your music collection

Here are some ways you can organize your music collection to make it faster and easier to access. Tweet This.

1. Import all your CDs into your computer

Those of us that are over the age of 30 would know that music used to be on CDs. You know, those big shiny circular things that reflect the sun with pretty rainbow colors. Anyway…

CD's - some people still love em
CD’s – some people still love em

Ripping all your CD music into your PC or Mac will help simplify your collection. You can then throw them away or sell them on eBay? (I love the environment too, promise!)

2. Clean up your digital music collection

Delete those MP3s that a friend gave you all those years ago that are clogging up your collection. Remove those songs that you feel you should keep but really don’t enjoy any more.

Dude is that hair legal?
Dude is that hair legal?

You should be able to click SHUFFLE and not hear any crappy songs.

3. Get familiar with your smartphone music system

Most people access their music on their phone these days. This means either an Android or iPhone device.

Investing a little time in learning how the operating system, and the main music app works just makes life easier when you’re speeding down the road and just have to hear some Radiohead now!

Useful Guides

Round 3 ding ding!
Round 3 ding ding!

4. Consolidate your physical music files

The iTunes store is still the biggest online music store which means that most people use Apples iTunes software to manage songs. If you’ve had music on various computers, moving them on to one place will make it easier to see what’s still being played and enjoyed.

Itunes icon
The King of downloads

Listen to my music on iTunes.

None of this is relevant if you decide to…

5. Use a streaming app like Spotify

As a musician Spotify is questionable as a platform for independent musicians but it’s hard to ignore how great streaming music is for the user. Crap for independent musicians but great for the public.

Spotify Logo
This is the color of envy

The trick here is to organize your playlists and choose artists you love and let the app suggest tracks for you. You can also import songs from your computer which consolidates Spotify into an all in one music player.

Follow me on Spotify.

Well I hope this helps you to make your music easier and faster to access so that the next time you go running, cooking or fishing it’s just a few clicks and let the good times roll!

Happy listening!

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