Visionary Art by Nicole Mizoguchi – Music Slideshow

We’ve been wanting to combine visual art with our soundtracks for some time. Like music, its easy when you work with great people. Its a simple principle. Find the right person and the process becomes fun and creative. Well we couldn’t have dreamed of a better person to create our first slide show with.

So, we created a slideshow that displays Nicole’s evocative, beautiful pieces set to an atmospheric soundtrack.

As musicians, I think we can have some sense of where this type of creativity might come from but nevertheless it’s still something that makes us stop, and feel. Or look inside or something…

“My pastel drawings are spiritual and infused with positive energy so the viewer will be reminded of their own inner light and well being. I am American but have spent the past two years living and sharing my art in Tokyo, Japan. My work attempts to express and reveal the parts of life that exist beyond normal words and explanations.”

You can explore more of Nicoles work at

To listen to more of this music click here.

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