Herrin close-up guitar circle 150x150

Here some of my recent music videos. All music composed by myself.

This is just a sample of the music I can compose. If you have a specific tone or soundscape in mind for your projects, get in touch with me from the form and we can talk. 


Need music for your next video?

Step 1: Buy the music you intend to use (in any format).
Step 2: fill out the form below.

Please let me know how you intend to use the music.

Thank you. ~ Herrin

Cruising The Galapagos in 4K Ultra HD

Temples of Angkor, Cambodia in 4K (Ultra HD)

2016 Rewind: Amazing Places on Our Planet in 4K Ultra HD

Dyrholaey & Reynisfjara, Iceland in 4K (Ultra HD)

Aurora Polaris (instrumental)

Owl Forest (with voice over by Richard Henry Whitehurst)

"The Stolen Child" by W.B. Yeats - music and VO by Herrin