5 Reasons why everyone needs a Ukulele

Yes I do mean everyone. Not just musicians. And if you’re thinking “but I’ve never played an instrument” just keep reading as you may find the argument very compelling.

First let me share some background…

I’ve been playing guitar from the age of 16, and learned electric guitar soon after. I’m finally formally learning keyboards and have gotten fairly proficient at percussion and drumming but never have I encountered an instrument that’s so easy and fun to play, with and for others as the Ukulele.

I recently got a good one for my birthday.?

Here’s what she looks like.

kala Ukelele Horizontal shot

I had purchased one 6 months before for my 2 1/2 year old son. He loved it of course but I started playing it seriously and loved the sound and it was only then that I finally noticed what a gorgeous, fun instrument they are.

So now that I have a good Ukulele I realize just what I’ve been missing out on.

And so I give you…

5 reasons why everyone needs a Ukulele

  1. They’re cheap
  2. Easy to learn and play
  3. You can take it anywhere
  4. Happy chemicals – No-one ever felt depressed playing a Ukulele
  5. Easy to get into a singalong

1. They’re cheap

Compared to every other instrument out there Ukeleles are super cheap. If you’re running on a tight budget you can still get your hands on one for $35 like I did at a small guitar shop. ‘

Here’s a pic:

Mahalo Ukelele Guitar
Mahalo Ukelele – $35AUD

Just do a search on eBay or Amazon for “Mahalo Ukulele” and you’ll find plenty of results for affordable instruments.

2. Easy to learn and play

It’s still an instrument so yes it does require some training but out of all the instruments I play I can easily imagine a beginner picking it up pretty quickly. The frets are close together and with only 4 strings learning the chord formations, especially for the simple ones is much easier.

A good guide for learning Ukulele can be found on ukuguides.com.

For learning songs and chords you really can’t beat Ukutabs.com. It displays the chords at the top of the page and easy to read charts with the lyrics that also scroll slowly as well. Love it!

chords to somwhere over the rainbow
Chords for the Israël Kamakawiwo’ole version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Another excellent resource for easily printed songs for Ukulele can be found on BruceWatsonMusic.com Uke song page.

3. You can take it anywhere

The standard size Ukulele is 21″ tall. It’s a good idea to get a case if you have a more expensive instrument but at that size you can throw it in your backpack easy peasy!

When something is that portable you really have to excuse for not taking a guitar on that next camping trip.

4. Happy chemicals!

Even before you’ve started playing chords it sounds happy. It’s as if the thing just wants to cheer you up.

And once you learn some of the basic chords for Ukulele you’ll find a whole world of easily accessible music opens up to you.

It’s well documented how musical training affects the brain but it’s even more so when you combine it with…

5. Singing is good for you

When you start singing that’s a powerful combination of psychological and physiological changes that affects your state of mind in a positive way. Not only that, it’s something you can share with family and friends.

Singing Bird
You’d be happy too if you sang all the time.

So even if you’ve never touched an instrument in your life I urge you to pick up a Ukulele. You only really need to learn a few chords and be wiling to open your mouth and sing and share it with some friends and you can open a whole new aspect of life. Music.

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Let me know how it goes! You can leave a comment below, or get in touch with me here or on Twitter and send some feedback.

Happy playing!

photo credit: A Robin sining via photopin (license)

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons why everyone needs a Ukulele”

  1. G’day Herrin. Tom Richter here. This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed thing. Glad you decided to join the uke army. You might want to spell it ‘ukulele’ rather than ‘ukelele’. Both can be used but the former is the usual spelling. Uke on!

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