Embrace The Moment – DOWNLOAD

Music designed to enhance and inspire your yoga practice. The work of three master musicians and one engineer in a perfect synergy of sound and emotion.

If you are committed to Yoga and/or relaxation this will be an invaluable addition to your music collection.


Khôra is a collection of 12 songs designed to transport you to other worlds. Soundtracks and atmospheric journeys created with a passion for space, melody and the tradition of music as a way to escape and explore.

Akash Vani – DOWNLOAD

Music created from having loved the form and the art of Ragas, in their native form and in our not being able to re-create that style we have simply adopted it and made it our own. And with Indian music that is all you can do. This is Indian raga inspired world music.

Just In Time – DOWNLOAD

An collection of songs inspired by a series of pure emotional experiences. From personal isolation and the search for real love to the battle with ones inner demons and the distractions of daily life this album will both soothe and challenge you.